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Anti Vibration Washing Machine

Anti Vibration Washing Machine

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Ensure a quiet wash time and provide great sound and vibration isolation 


Washing machine pads are used to stabilize the machine. Reduce noise, if movement is minimized, squeaking and cooing will also be reduced.

These pads are made of durable rubber that will withstand years of washing and drying.
In addition, it can easily lift your equipment, giving you the cleaning and easy entry of the washer and dryer.


Features :

  • Quiet, noiseless: reduced noise vibration and square silence to ensure quiet washing time.
  • Quality materials: made from durable, car tyre grade rubber, the washer mat has been designed to withstand and stand up to years of washing and drying.
  • Easy to use: conveniently lifts your appliance, making it easier to clean underneath your washer and dryer. Wave/drum universal, washer fridge, furniture and appliances all work, adapts to most washing machines.
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