Beware of scammers and irresponsible in Kenya

WHY Dashcam Pro is very important

  • 1- Can you proove who is at fault?
  • 2- Can you identify the Thief/Scammer   person?
  • 3- Can you convince the police that you didn't broke the law?

We introduce :

First-Hand Evidence Of A Car Accident

WHY Dashcam Pro is very important

1. Indisputable Record of the Accident

2. Prevent Auto Insurance Fraud

3. Record Other Reckless Drivers

4. Capture the Family Road Trip on Video

5. Identify Vandals & Hit-and-Runs

6. Proof to Get out of a Ticket

7. You Could Save Thousands of Dollars


  "I am a good driver, I don’t get into accidents ever."

This is the most commonly used excuse for not getting a dash cam. While you may have a perfect driving record, not everyone on the road is a good driver and accidents do happen. You don’t even need to be seriously injured or your vehicle seriously damaged for the he-said/she said blame game to start. It is always better to have a dash cam and to stay on the safe side than to have no video evidence at all.

Don’t let scammers take advantage of you for something you haven’t even done.

 "I know well enough to never fall victim to insurance fraud."

We have all see the many video clips of drivers who purposely cause car accidents or pedestrians who actively try to get hit by oncoming traffic to extort money from the alleged victim and insurance companies. They may be comical to watch but they are no laughing matter if it happened to you. Scammers have many ways to get you one way or the other.

Don’t let scammers take advantage of you for something you haven’t even done.

  "Would installing a dash cam lower my insurance premiums?"

if you have a video recording of an accident, it can speed up your car insurance claim, and, if the footage proves it wasn’t your fault, you can prevent an increase in your premium.

Dash cams protect you against auto insurance fraud because they can show what really happened in a given incident. Fraud costs everyone, don’t be left paying for something you haven’t even done.

Client's Reviews

"I was an insurance adjuster for many years, prior to dash cams. I can say, without doubt, if you are involved in an accident without independent witnesses, it would be extremely helpful. Not being charged for an accident will easily save you the cost of a dash cam."

Moses, Insurance Expert

2 DEC 2021, 12:21

"My dash cam saved me from a he said she said situation. For me, having a dash cam is like a "silver bullet". I never mentioned that I had a running and recording dash cam to the other driver. When the cops arrived, I told them that I did. They reviewed the footage right then and there, and told me to email copies of them to the officer for the report. My insurance also used the footage to prove fault of the other driver to their insurance provider."

David Amano

25 DEC 2021, 18:32

"A cop stopped me in NAIROBI, He said I didn't respect the red light, and he asked me for a corruption, I told him that my dashcam recorded that I respected the law, I showed him and then He let me go without paying anything, Thank you for this product."

Sarah Omonda

17 JAN 2022, 14:45


Invest time and money with this Dashcam

You Have 2 Choice

Buy a dashcam, protect yourself and save your money forever


You will be a victim and you will lose a lot at any time


A smart person makes the right decision at the right time !



NOT 7000 KSH



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We give 6 Months Warranty

All of our dash cams and battery packs are covered by a 6 month limited warranty, unless otherwise stated. In the case of any malfunctions and defects, we will gladly warranty this device for you, and send you a replacement.

All of our dash cam accessories come with a 6 month limited warranty. This warranty is applicable to manufacturer defects only, and does not include user-generated issues or physical damage.